Mármores Rosal is located at the heart of the maciço Calcário Estremenho, the largest limestone mining area in Portugal. Our activity starts as part of a business initiated in 1983. Since that we have registered a strong market share growth and today we export to over 30 countries. We have our own quarries of Rosal – Cabeça Veada Limestone and Moca Cream Limestone.



Provide the market with high quality products, respecting and satisfying customers, employees and suppliers and ensure results that allow the expansion and excellence of the activity.


Mármores Rosal goal is to gain market share and be recognized as a company synonymous of quality, with a strong focus on its customers, partners and its business environment.  


Mármores Rosal as an exporter and innovative company, comites to continuously improve its Quality Management System:

1. Satisfy its customers;

2. Provide the necessary resources to ensure quality, productivity and safety;

3. Promote competence through training employees;

4. Develop partnerships to ensure product innovation;

5. Develop partnerships with suppliers that ensure its internal goals; and

6. Comply with legal requirements.