Moca RL1 Vein Cut

A compact Limestone in light beige color. It has a uniform background composed by fine grains and small brownish fossils aligned which provide the stone an aspect of parallel veining when Vein Cut. It may present background color variation. It is the current selection of Moca Fine.

Alternative names: Relvinha, Codaçal, Moca Creme Fina, Moca Creme Fino, Moca Creme Extra, Moca Fina, Moca Fino, Moca Extra, Moca Cream, St Hubert, St Vincent, Moca Cream Fine Grain, Mocha Cream, Mocha Creme, Mocca Cream, Mocca Creme, Mocca fino


Apparent density 2327 Kg/m3
Water absorption (%) 1.51%
Open porosity (%) 3.5%
Flexural strength 9.12Mpa
Compression resistance 25.98MPa
Abrasion resitance 4.2mm
Reaction to fire Classe A1
Frost resistance 48 Ciclos de gelo - degelo